Message from the President / Management Philosophy

Message from the President

“Perfecting Machine Press Technologies: Going a Step Beyond”

At Unipres Corporation, the goal of our management philosophy is to venture beyond the current frontiers of press technology into territory where no other company can follow.

Unipres' press technologies are always on the vanguard of the era, paving the way to the future. Unipres is committed to raising its cutting-edge press technologies to an entirely new plane-transforming them into mass-production technologies that enable economical and stable production. We are determined to continually create new functions and value for press technologies and produce new stamped products never thought achievable with stamping. Press technologies do not stand still; rather, they are constantly advancing and taking on new challenges. Unipres' original technologies bring together materials, dies, equipment, and products to form value-added systems and advanced products that are on an entirely new plane. With our commitment to innovation, we pursue our vision for the future while striving to attain the top position in our field, both today and tomorrow.

Under our management philosophy, “Perfecting Machine Press Technologies: Going a Step Beyond”, we at Unipres will continue to work toward the highest level of achievement, and by so doing we will continue to earn the confidence of our clients as an innovative manufacturer that meets the needs of the 21st century.

Masanobu Yoshizawa, President Executive President

Management Philosophy

“Perfecting Machine Press Technologies:
Going a Step Beyond”
  • We are dedicated to furthering technical progress, finding practical applications, and pursuing innovation to perfect Unipres products that are used throughout the world.
  • We are committed to faithfully performing these roles and assuming these responsibilities and will be unceasing in our efforts to cultivate the core of our activities.